TARUJO beanbag may look like a beanbag, but they are so much more. 

Durable, Built to Last - 5 years warranty

100% quality without any commitments. The outer cover is made of the commercial grade fabrics from world famous brands Sunbrella™ and FibreGuard™.  The beanbag cover is extra sturdy and resistant thanks to double stitching on all seams. The strong seams ensure that your bean bag remains undamaged even under wild belly flop contests and heavy load. Although the cover is particularly robust, its soft suede-like surface creates a smooth feeling. It's a win-win situation for you!

Moveable, lightweight and handy to move around 

All Tarujo beanbags are designed to be extremely lightweight. We carefully choose the fabrics and use for our beanbags not only for their quality but got their strength and portability. So, they're easy to move around room to room, venue to venue (even children can do that)

Comfortable, thousands of posture, thousands of feeling

Beanbags are just a fabrics bag filled with polystyrene beans. Tarujo beanbags are different. Every aspect of our design is carefully considered and 100% focused on delivering ultimate comfort in style. The shape of the Tarujo beanbag, the choice and cut of the material, the precise amount of polystyrene beads and super-strength double stitching. They combine to delivery the extreme lounging experience.

Changeable, double-layered cover make washing easy

Each of our hand-sewn covers is easy to unzip, remove, and change. With hundreds of fabrics to choose from, you can switch up the look any time you like so it always fits your style.

Washable, 100% life proof, 100% simple, 100% trusted

Spills happen. That’s why we use machine washable fabrics for 50+ of our hand-sewn covers. Simply unzip, remove, and throw your Cover in the wash. One gentle-cycle later, you’ve got a fresh, clean Cover with no signs of shrinking, fading, or pilling. 


Feel the Quality 

Order a free swatch kit

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