We're not rocket scientists around here, but we do like to think of ourselves as expert "comfortlogists". The practice of relaxing is important for us to test, over and over again. That's why what we fill our seats with is as important as the seat itself.

We’re not full of beans, but our products are. We feature an expanded-bean technology that moves with you so you can sit how you want. Not your average beans, these are made from 100% virgin beans and last 30% longer than the competition.
And just like your carters need some extra air now and then, your beanbag might need a refill after a while. Then we have bean refills to bring it back to life.

Filling Instructions

All Tarujo bean bags come with detailed filling instructions. It is so easy and pain free process with our eZfill system - exclusive to Tarujo beanbags.


WARNING: Polystyrene Beans are dangerous if swallowed or inhaled by children.
For the safety of young children, we use HKK® safety zips to prevent children from accessing the polystyrene beans.
Should you need to open the liner in future, simply slide a paper clip through the hole in the zip slider and use it to open and close zipper.
If you have questions about product safety please don’t hesitate to contact us.