We want to provide our Tarujo luxury beanbags for your next project. From initial sketches to final production, we can create elegant solutions to suit your needs at a price that may pleasantly surprise you.

Our factory is equipped to handle any project - at any size. From the largest corporate office to small business and choosy clients, we have dedicated design specialists ready to support your next design venture.

Not sure what you’re looking for? Reach out to us at b2b@tarujo.com to kick off your next project.


Serviceable Parts

Our furniture comes with replaceable components and removable upholstery covers that can be easily swapped out, instead of having to buy a whole new piece. You get a lot more out of it with reduced costs over time.

More Tarujo, faster

Whether you want 10 beanbag chairs or 200, we’re equipped to scale accordingly. We can build to order faster than industry lead times, delivery within 14-21 business days depends on the fabrics you choose.

Exclusive Pricing & Custom Design

Each project is unique and we want to make sure we meet the needs of your space. We offer exclusive pricing for all commercial projects and custom material options.